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Song: "Finally free" - Dream Theater
Movie: Analyze this
Album: "Metropolis 2: Scenes from a memory" - Dream Theater
Background: not this one...
TV show: South Park
Chocolate: Toblerone (dark)
Website: Dreamline: Dave McKean he made the SFAM CD cover
Hobby: Knitting a pullover (my first one)
Poster: this cool Yoda poster I saw in London. It consists hundreds of small pictures...
Piece of clothing: Dark red chenille pullover
Hero of the day: Mike Portnoy
Pooh character: Piglet
Meal: Salmon & smashed potato
Obsession: Perpetual Motion message board. I read it many times a day
Thing to look forward to: Petrucci clinic on Oct. 29 !

October 27, 1999

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