Dream Theater in Helsinki
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Dream Theater in Helsinki March 3-4, 1998

Here are some pictures from the Portnoy/Petrucci clinic (or the signing session) held at Tavastia on the 3rd and from the show at House Of Culture on the 4th.

Portnoy & Petrucci after about 200 (?) autographs

P & P after 201 autographs :)

Petrucci live on stage (and a cute *duh* security guard)

Petrucci, LaBrie and a cameraman for the TV show "Jyrki"

Derek going solo

John Myung

Scan of the clinic ticket

Michael's Ibanez JPM100P2, brand new, played by Petrucci even

Petrucci's guitar clinic in Helsinki (fall 1999)

Portnoy's drum clinic in Helsinki (fall 1999)

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