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Friends will be friends... *sings with her annoying voice* This page is dedicated to my friends around the globe :-) I've been blessed with a lot of them. First come those with homepages, then the homepageless people. Ciao everyone!

Micke. Micki. My man. An example of how virtual became real ;-)

Reiska. My woman ;-) My dear karate kid who adores Peter Steele *drool* and who plays fine prog metal with her toothbrush.

Hot Tuna. One of the few wise blondes I know, my dear vampire sis who is so far away now. :'(

Antti My bro needs to work on his page...

Jaimemeister. My penpal since 91? 92? Very dear friend and a fellow DT nutter. xo.

My online friend, and a slam swapper as well.

Satu Lehtinen
Fellow slam swapper and lover of good music

Ex-swapper, now an online friend with cool (finnish) page...

A slammin' metalhead

My long-time slam swapper from Denmark.

My virtual big bro who won't believe me when I tell him that Opel is the best car on earth. Uhm muh hum. We're not in touch anymore... :-(

A friend I haven't heard from in a long while, a traveller metalhead.

Bunch o'kids :) Great buddies on the Dream Theater channel on IRC... Oh how I miss the good old IRC days *sigh*

Also known as Y.Rag from OZ. A nutcase who must have been my brother in another life. Pizza *drool* Angra *drool*. 'Screaming Symphony' personality. So how many CDs did you get today? :-)

AKA Flake. Aussie 'Freak' who visited me in July '98. How about pizza (salami!) + pepsi (max!) + F1 (Hakkinen!) + World Cup Final (Go France!)?! :-))

xxxooooxoxooxoxox... or how was it? (G) My oldest (and I don't mean the age) virtual bud(weiser). A great lover in Habs boxer shorts. I need a cyberporn date dude!

Frosch. Saugt. :) Nicht. Hehe. Du bist wunderbar. Excuse my German!

My dear friend from Austria. --/--{@

And folks here at home...

Sarvikuono. :-D Mrs. Petrucci... LOL. Wo ai ni!

the Skin lover. Not? A spicy redhead with kewl attitude.

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